Most bathrooms include a small sink, toilet, and that odd rectangular box stuck in the corner of the room to take a bath. These rooms were often created for functionality and not for aesthetics or even relaxation. This basic design can also severely limit the ability to create a beautiful room of relaxation many homeowners dream of. Fortunately, Acrylic Freestanding Bathtubs provide an option to help homeowners turn their bathroom in a relaxing oasis to help them wash away the stress of their day.

Getting Rid of the Wall Box

Created to maximize space in a tiny bathroom, the odd bathtub boxes do not really scream relaxation and comfort. They also do not provide the beauty many homeowners want in their home. Unfortunately, many homeowners believe that that box is just a necessary ugly for their home. However, this is not true. Those ugly boxes, even those shower/bath combos can be completely removed from the home. This can free up the bathroom and remove the limitations of redesigning this room.

Get Out of the Corner

When a homeowner redecorates their bathroom, they try to add beauty and relaxing imaging to help create a place where they can relax after a long day. Unfortunately, much of this work is done in vain. When the bathtub is stuck in the corner of the room, it is difficult to see much more than the tile on the other side of the tub. A freestanding tub helps to open up the possibilities of the room and let the homeowner really enjoy the beauty they create.

A Beautiful Tub

Most household bathtubs tend to not be the center of beauty in the bathroom. They are often a plain and simple rectangular box set for bathing. However, a freestanding tub not only allows homeowners to enjoy the beauty of a room while bathing, but they can also be a piece of beauty themselves. There are many elegant designs available that can greatly accent any bathroom or even become the artistic centerpiece. Homeowners can even choose to install the elegant and vintage look of a clawfoot tub.

Homeowners can easily purchase a beautiful tub in a variety of styles, materials, and colors. These tubs even come with matching faucet packages to make it easier to redesign the bathroom and complete the look of the perfect oasis in any home.