There are many ways to construct buildings, each of which comes with certain advantages. Post Frame Construction is an especially versatile, time-tested option that excels in a number of respects. A quick look at the benefits of adopting this approach should make it clear why so many structures rely on it.

A Great Way to Support a Building

Many residential buildings rely on pieces of wood called studs to provide the structural support they require to remain standing. Commercial and industrial structures often use frames based on steel beams or even reinforced concrete.

An alternative that can be used for any of these kinds of applications incorporates relatively large sawn timbers instead. These structural members interlock with one another and can be finished in any of a number of ways. Using a post frame to construct a building often proves beneficial for reasons concerning:

  • Speed. Each post used to build a frame in this style of construction is capable of supporting large amounts of weight. Compared to far smaller, lighter studs, stout posts can be employed in far smaller numbers. Once a post frame has been assembled, it can also typically be finished quite quickly. Post frame builders can put up structures on tight timetables without sacrificing anything in the process.
  • Strength. The same traits that allow for fast construction also enable posts to contribute to impressive structural strength. A building that includes a frame made of posts will often be able to withstand loads and stresses that would overwhelm structures of other designs. That can be especially desirable in places where events like earthquakes and tornadoes are common.
  • Cost-effectiveness. Despite performing so well in other important respects, post frame building also tends to be quite affordable. Whether for a residential building like a house or a large commercial facility, that will often be a significant advantage.

Experience Pays Off

Although it is not the most common type of construction, post frame building conveys plenty of definite benefits. Builders who are particularly experienced with this type of work will normally be the most likely to allow their clients to enjoy its potential strengths. Choosing a builder who specializes in putting up and finishing post frame buildings will always be productive.